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2014 Standards for Accreditation

Elementary and middle schools hosting Accreditation Teams through the year 2019 will use the 2014 Standards for Accreditation.

Though the Commission introduced new Standards for Accreditation and a redesigned Accreditation process for elementary, middle and high schools which will host Accreditation Teams beginning in 2020, elementary and middle schools that were scheduled to host a visit by the end of 2019 will continue to use the 2011 Standards and the associated Accreditation process

Standards and Resources

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Guidebook: Developing and Implementing Core Values and Expectations

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This guide is designed to assist schools in meeting the 2014 Standard 1: Core Values and Expectations and to help schools integrate and implement the school’s mission, core values, beliefs, and 21st century learning expectations into their application of the Teaching and Learning Standards. We recommend that member schools to read this document carefully and use it as they review, revise and modify their learning expectations; develop analytic rubrics; and assess each student's achievement of the learning expectations.

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